Chairman of N.Mitrovica MA calls on citizens to report damage caused by floods

After the water level of the Ibar River dropped, which previously caused significant damage in the Bosniak Mahala settlement, the chairman of the Northern Mitrovica MA, Nedzad Ugljanin, called on the citizens to submit a request for help to the municipality.

The Kosovo municipality of North Mitrovica formed a crisis headquarters following last week’s floods.

The chairman of the North Mitrovica Municipal Assembly, who is also one of the residents of the Bosniak Mahala, told KoSSev that the newly formed crisis headquarters is in the service of all citizens, regardless of ethnicity.

He announced that members of the headquarters would visit the settlement and inform citizens about the way they can report damage the flooding caused to their properties.

„We will give them instructions on how to treat this and act accordingly, and photograph the sustained damage,“ he said.

He called on citizens to contact the municipal administration with a request, which the municipality will then forward to the competent ministry:

„To find a solution to help the citizens who need it badly, considering the alarming situation in the settlement itself and the houses that are located near the river Ibar. We will do our work in accordance with the law as the assembly of the municipality of North Mitrovica,“ said Ugljanin.

He indicated that the crisis headquarters members would be present on-site and provide assistance to those who need it. Ugljanin also confirmed that the Red Cross of Serbia visited the families most affected by the floods in the Bosniak Mahala.

He estimated that the floods in this settlement caused significant damage.

„The situation is catastrophic and the damage assessment is enormous. When you go to the scene and see how difficult some of these cases are – some citizens cannot stay in their homes,“ he added.

He added that after the evacuation, some of the inhabitants of Bosniak Mahala – predominantly ethnic Albanians, were accommodated in private hotels in the southern part of the town.

On the other hand, the Provisional Authority of the Municipality of Kosovska Mitrovica confirmed on Thursday that 120 families were evacuated from Bosniak Mahala, from a total of 11 buildings, and that more than 30 people were temporarily situated in the student dorms.

After the level of the river Ibar dropped yesterday, the Provisional Authority informed the citizens that they can return to their homes, as well as that the entrances to buildings and houses will be cleaned, with the help of the employees of utility companies.

The PA Kosovska Mitrovica also announced that the teams of the Hygiene Institute and the Red Cross are ready to carry out disinfection and drying services after cleaning.

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