Capussela’s 4 points on Thaci and Mogherini: Why didn’t the Special Court issue an indictment?

“1) The EU set up a special war-crimes court; 2) Thaci is an obvious suspect; 3) Federica Mogherini and Johannes Hahn want the land swap that Thaci advocated; 4) Federica Mogherini chose the court’s judges and prosecutors. Can 1-4 contribute to explaining why the court hasn’t yet indicted anyone?” – the former head of the economics unit in the International Civilian Office in Kosovo, Andrea Lorenzo Capussela, posted on his Facebook page last night.

Capussela then addressed the case which has been circulating in the Kosovo media since yesterday – a fight in which one of the participants was Ghani Thaci – brother of Kosovo President, Hashim Thaci.

Is Thaci’s power weakening?

Citing a press report which stated that Gani Thaci was detained for allegedly attacking two insurance company directors and that the attack was actually a result of Thaci’s post within the insurance sector being phased out, Capussela estimated:

“If so, this is a sign that power relations are changing: a far clearer and more significant sign than disagreements between Thaci and other politicians. If I am right, these fights about money might open an opportunity for political change.”

Capussela commented on the current issues in Kosovo on his Facebook page. He is considered to be an important connoisseur and at the same time a harsh critic of EULEX and a part of Kosovo’s political leadership.

„There are many indicators that show that political elites in Kosovo are involved in corruption and organized crime, but even after ten years no significant political figure has been arrested, investigated, or prosecuted,“ he said earlier this year in an interview for Deutsche Welles.

Capussela also expressed similar views in his previous interview for KoSSev in Germany.



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