Bomb threats made against schools in Kosovo Serb areas; some confirmed as hoaxes


A series of bomb threats were reported this morning in several primary schools in Kosovo Serb areas, which operate within the system of the Republic of Serbia. The students were immediately sent home and the classes are being held online today. The Kosovo Office announced that each of 71 Serbian primary schools in Kosovo received a bomb threat. The Kosovo Police confirmed that the threats were sent to almost all primary schools in northern Kosovo, as well as to schools in other Serb-populated areas, some of which have been confirmed as hoaxes. The Serbian Ministry of Education reacted in the meantime, saying that schools from 12 school administrations throughout Serbia proper received similar threatening emails.

Almost all primary schools in the North received bomb threats

Information about a bomb came through the official email addresses of almost all primary schools in the north of Kosovo, the spokesman of the Kosovo Police for the region north, Branislav Radovic, confirmed for KoSSev this morning.

„Threatening messages came through the email addresses of schools in Leposavic, Lesak, Mitrovica and Zvecan,“ Radovic said, adding that police immediately evacuated students and school staff.

Radovic says that the EOD teams from Pristina were immediately notified.

KP: School search in progress, some threats found to be false

In the meantime, the Kosovo Police in Pristina confirmed that some threats have been confirmed as hoaxes.

„The Kosovo police managed to search some of the school facilities and it turned out that the threats were false,“ they said.

The police said about 30 locations received early morning electronic warnings or phone calls.

The KP also says that they have taken all necessary measures and that they sent in demining units to look for bombs.

They confirmed that the students and staff have been evacuated and called on the citizens not to panic.

Bomb scare in N.Mitrovica primary schools

Students of the primary schools „Branko Radicevic“ and “Sveti Sava” were returned home this morning following the report of a bomb threat. Both schools were secured with yellow tape. The police immediately arrived on the scene.

The threat about a possible explosive device in primary school „Sveti Sava“ proved to be false.

In the meantime, the principal of the Branko Radicevic school, Biljana Vukicevic, confirmed that the Kosovo Police units searched the school and that they did not find anything suspicions.

„They told us that everything was in the best order, that they did not find anything suspicious. They used search dogs, so the school is safe,“ said Vukicevic, noting that the school will be open tomorrow.

Previously, Vukicevic said that the bomb threat was actually sent to the staff of two schools from the south of Mitrovica – Dositej Obradovic and Vlado Cetkovic, who have been using the premises of Branko Radicevic schools since the war.

Bomb threats in the Gnjilane area

The spokesman of the Kosovo Police for the Gnjilane region, Ismet Hashani, confirmed for KoSSev that schools in this area also received bomb threats. Hashani, however, could not specify whether the threats were only sent to schools operating within Serbia’s education system.

„In the early morning hours, the Kosovo police received information from the authorities in the schools of Novo Brdo, Kamenica, Ranilug, Klokot, through official addresses that bombs had been planted there,“ Hashani said.

The Kosovo police immediately secured the scene, and there is no room for panic, Hashani said, confirming that the EOD teams have been sent to look for bombs.

Bomb threats in central Kosovo as well

Earlier today, RTV Kim reported that threats were also sent to the primary schools in Laplje Selo, Gracanica and Caglavica, as well as the secondary school center, which houses the Medical, Economic School and Grammar School.

The commander of the police station in Gracanica, Bratislav Trajkovic, also confirmed for RTK2 that they had received a report that explosive devices were set up in all schools in the municipality.

In the meantime, it was confirmed for KoSSev that units of the Kosovo Police searched the school in Gracanica and found no explosive devices.

RTV Kim reports, citing its findings, that the threatening message sent to this school came from the address „DAFODILL DAFODILL.“ The message was reportedly written in Cyrillic.

This media outlet also transmitted the content of the message:
„An explosive device planted at the school
We will not hide
Killings will be necessary
We will kill
Destruction will be required
We will destroy
We are sincerely sorry that innocent will suffer
There is no other way
We will overthrow the Serbian government
Our eyes are on the President of Serbia and his entourage
We will kill everyone“

The primary school „Rados Tosic“ in Osojane also received a bomb scare this morning. This school is closed today, Radio Gorazdevac reports.

Residents of Plemetina confirmed for KoSSev that the primary school „Sveti Sava“ in this town was evacuated this morning.

Kosovo Office: All primary schools received a bomb threat

The Kosovo Office issued a press release this morning, claiming that all primary schools in Kosovo Serb areas had received bomb threats.

„All Serbian primary schools in Kosovo received anonymous bomb threats last night. The threatening e-mails were sent to the official addresses of 71 schools in Kosovo. This marks the first time that an e-mail with such content has been sent to Serbian educational institutions in the province,“ the statement reads.

They also confirmed that the students are currently attending online classes.

„The work of schools in Serb communities now depends on how efficiently the Kosovo Police will search all schools. The Kosovo Office strongly condemns such anti-civilization actions, obstruction of the work of schools and harassment of children who attend these educational institutions.“

Even though the Office claims that the threats arrived last night, the North Mitrovica children regularly made their way to school this morning before being told to go home.

Serb Ministry of Education: Schools in 12 school administrations received threats

In the meantime, the Ministry of Education of Serbia announced that several schools throughout Serbia from the school administrations of Valjevo, Kraljevo, Belgrade, Kosovska Mitrovica, Nis, Pozarevac, Zajecar, Uzice, Jagodina, Cacak, Krusevac, Zrenjanin have received reports about planted explosive devices.

„According to the previously established procedure, the facilities were evacuated, and the students will return to class once the MIA teams inspect the facilities and determine that they are safe,“ the ministry said.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Serbian institutions have received bomb threats on several occasions. Luckily, all threats so far turned out to be false. Other institutions in the region, however, also received similar threats. Although there were reports of planted explosive device in several schools in Serbia, this is the first time that a bomb alert was issued in Serbian primary schools in Kosovo.



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