Bashkim Gashi refused to accept the Special Court’s invitation

Specijalni sud
Photo: Gazeta Express

The KLA War Veterans Association has announced that Suva Reka’s Bashkim Gashi has refused to accept a Special Court invitation, Koha reported.

The Association has asked the media „not to harass“ him. Should media have any other querry, this should be addressed to the Association.

„Gashi was with us in the office when he was called on September 24, 2019, but he declined to accept it without further explanation. We, as the KLA War Veterans Association, advised him to accept the next call and not create precedents for others,” reads the statement, Koha reported.

There have been frequent reports in Pristina based electronic media confirming that several former KLA members will be interrogated before specialized war crimes tribunals.

KSF Headquarter Captain Petrit Bojaxhiu is due to appear before The Hague Special Court on September 25th.

The president of the PDK branch in Klina, Sokol Bashota, was interrogated last week in The Hague, as a suspect, he confirmed. He claimed that the Special Court offered him an agreement „that would be favorable to him, but bad for the KLA“.

Two former female KLA member were heard before the court last week in Pristina- Time Kadriaj, who was a doctor during the war and now an AAK party member, and Safete Hadërgjonaj, a former PDK MP.

Also, Haradinaj’s advisor, Naim Maloku, was interviewed, but in Slovenia.

More former KLA veterans are expected to be invited in the coming days, Kosovo media reported. Some fifty former KLA members have been questioned so far – these are the ones who have confirmed in the media. The number may be significantly higher, however. No indictments have been filed so far.



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