Bajrami: The dialogue cannot continue with the same discourse, reaching an agreement in a few months is unrealistic

Lajcak came to Pristina to take the pulse of the election winner Albin Kurti, but also to bring the message that the dialogue still has the support of the US and that there is good coordination between Brussels and Washington – Koha editor-in-chief, Agron Bajrami assessed the results of the two-day visit of the EU Special Envoy for the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, Miroslav Lajcak in a statement for KoSSev.

According to Bajrami, Lajcak’s visit to the region is part of the continuation of the dialogue process after the elections in Kosovo, but also after the arrival of the new Washington administration – which was one of the messages sent by Lajcak.

„After the process derailed during the past year, and a rift appeared in the EU and the US approaches, it seems that we now have good coordination between Brussels and Washington. It also seems that this visit should have opened a new page in the dialogue process,“ Bajrami assessed the change from the time when the US administration was led by Trump and when Richard Grenell served as the US envoy.

It was Grenell who was seen as the „usual suspect“ for the fall of the previous, Albin Kurti-led government at this time last year.

„If I may say so, Lajcak came to Pristina to take the pulse of election winner Albin Kurti – who is expected to become the next prime minister. But also to bring the message that this process still has US support and that Brussels and Washington have a common goal,“ he underlined.

When asked how realistic is Miroslav Lajcak’s assessment that the agreement in question can be reached during Kurti and Osmani’s mandate, Bajrami said that it is too early to make such assessments, adding that expecting results within a few months would be unrealistic.

„It remains to be seen how quickly the dialogue can continue, but it is clear that the process will not be able to continue with the same discourse and approach. It is still too early to say whether an agreement can be reached within the mandate of the next government of Albin Kurti. It is clear to me that reaching an agreement within several months would not be realistic,“ Bajrami estimated.

In his words, the dialogue should be clarified and based on certain principles. „Uncertainty and principles of the past have caused the conversation to turn in undesirable directions, as was the case with the opening of the topic of the partition of Kosovo or the exchange of territories,“ Bajrami concluded.

Lajcak began his official visit to Kosovo by visiting the headquarters of Self-Determination and Albin Kurti. He met with all major Kosovo parties, even female political representatives. Lajcak is staying in Belgrade today, where he is set to meet with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic later in the day.



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