An alleged conversation between Simic and Kusari: Radoicic is not destructive for Kosovo, he gives us instructions, even Vucic cannot influence decisions.

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An audio recording of an alleged conversation that took place last June between the Vice-President of Srpska Lista, Slavko Simic, and the head of the parliamentary group of Self-Determination, Mimoza Kusari-Lila, in her office, captured the attention of the Kosovo public today.

In what was clearly a recording, which took place in a relaxed atmosphere over coffee, the duo can be heard exchanging information about Milan Radoicic, with whom Kusari herself reportedly spoke to several times, including in a longer conversation about an agreement concerning electricity distribution in the north.

„He is not a destructive element,“ said Simic, describing his boss.

Moreover, he confirmed that Radoicic is in charge, and not Srpska Lista’s leader and vice-president, Goran Rakic and Igor Simic respectively.

As he himself testifies, his role has been irreplaceable ever since the 2013 elections, up until until the removal of the barricades in late 2022.

„So, he has a much bigger picture then all of us, of course,“ said Simic (allegedly) in this conversation.

Reminding Kusari-Lila of Milan Radoicic’s influence, Simic stated:

„Neither Vucic nor anyone else can influence the decisions that we, for example, make together with him.“

This recording was shared by a well-known Kosovo journalist Berat Buxhala, the editor of Nacionale, saying that it is the first part of discussions recorded throughout the year. Buxhala announced that he will also make other recordings public. He assessed these conversations as being „deep, friendly and free flowing“.

In the subsequent description of other, still unpublished recordings, Buxhala states that Srpska Lista is heard “expressing preference” for Self-Determination over the PDK, and accusing the latter of starting the initial campaign of arrests against SL members. He also states that the recordings show that Albin Kurti himself „knew and even supported“ Kusari in a „previous coordination“.

We sought comment from Slavko Simic to verify the credibility of these allegations, however, as of the publishing of this article, no response was forthcoming.

As for Kusari, she has already issued a statement, saying that she has no communication with Milan Radoicic.

Below you can find a transcript of the alleged conversation between Mimoza Kusari-Lila and Slavko Simic. You can listen to the audio recording here.

Slavko Simic: So, as I said, you know I connected you with Milan, you talked for 30, 40 minutes, just to find a solution.

Kusari Lila: We spoke for two to three minutes.

Kusari Lila makes an order over the phone: One espresso, one short macchiato, and one plain water, please.

Kusari Lila: Listen, Slavko, I’m really sorry for everything that’s happening, of all the people here, I would most like the parliament to function properly.

Simic: Did you talk for five to six minutes?

Kusari Lila: Two to three minutes.

Simic: Well, one time you talked for a long time, when we discussed the energy issue, it doesn’t matter how many minutes the conversation lasted.

Kusari Lila: Yes, about electricity for the north.

Simic: First, some solution, and we were trying to create a partner relationship, and then what happens, happens, that is, a man from whom I would say – we receive instructions, I mean normally, with whom we consult, that is, he has a much bigger picture from all of us, of course, on those decisions that we, for example, make together with him, neither Vucic nor anyone else can influence that.

Kusari Lila: Rakic as well? Who is the head of the party? Rakic or Milan?

Simic: He is only the president of the party and a member of the government. As for all those decisions, I don’t think you need to ask me that, you know we already talked about it and I
explained to you how it works. First of all, he did not deserve such treatment. You put him on the „stop“ list here for some case that has little to do with him.

You told me then that you were going to talk to the prime minister, that the PM, Enver, would see what it was about and that he would talk to the minister of justice and the minister of police. Is that right?

Then when we had the situation regarding the elections, I mean, I’m just giving you the rundown, so that you have… I mean, you have the bigger picture, I told you about him – everything related to the local elections in 2013, which were held in the north, and the removal of barricades. So, he is not at all a destructive element towards Kosovo.

That’s the partner relationship, and that alone makes you wonder about the law of local self-government. We have much bigger problems than the law….

Kusari Lila: Slavko, I know, but now these points are a condition, what is on the agenda of the session, and it will not be removed, unless we also vote as we talked about it, or if the Government does not withdraw it. And he asked, you know, Enver asked…

Simic: Let me tell you, first of all, we were constructive on that issue, precisely by not voting against it.

Kusari Lila: I know.

Simic: You said today, I heard what you said at the presidency, „either vote for it to fail or….“

Kusari Lila: Yes, I honestly think so.

Simic: I also honestly said that if we had wanted it to fail from the very beginning, it would have failed.

Kusari Lila: I know. A few months ago, from the months of February, March, April, May and now we are in the month of June.

Kusari Lila: I don’t have a contact number nor do I communicate with Milan Radoicic

The head of the Self-Determination parliamentary group, however, told Ekonomiaonline that she has never communicated with Milan Radoicic.

She also said that Radoicic he will be arrested „the moment the police catch him“.

„I have neither a contact number nor communication with Milan Radoicic. I mentioned them, there were two representatives here, while I refused to communicate with him the entire time, and the communication that Srpska Lista had with Milan Radoicic was their business, he is their vice president. It is well-known what kind of man he is. Kurti’s indictment was returned to the government, so he will be arrested the moment the police catch him. Therefore, there is no room for any other communication in relation to this person,“ said Kusari-Lila.

Furthermore, she claimed that the release of this recording is a „desperate attempt to smear the Government“.

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