„Ambassador, you are not here to correct the press, but to answer the questions“

Brnabić Vučić

„I am sorry that Ambassador Scott has not tried to show his arrogance at some event with President Vucic, because he would be thrown out on his ear from the Government (building)… For such arrogance people say – the more the pumpkin bean is empty, the more impudent you are.“ A day after Serbian Minister of Defense Vulin gave this statement, the highest leadership of Serbia – the Prime Minister and the President also reacted. 

The Minister reacted adequately, the Ambassador’s statement is scandalous

„I must sincerely tell you that I think this is unbelievable that you don’t ask me what my comment is on the Ambassador’s statement, but on the statement of the Minister who reacted quite adequately, I would say,“ Prime Minister Ana Brnabic was surprised by the journalist’s question.

Ana Brnabic:

„This statement by Ambassador Scott is scandalous, unbelievable. I think that it is inappropriate, not only in diplomacy, but rather unsuitable to one’s respect for his hosts, and especially because it was spoken in the building of the Government of the Republic of Serbia. You should not give such a statement, if only due to basic manners and respect for the host. Ambassador Scott knows, he was present in meetings with me and some other US officials, when I repeatedly said that if I hear someone calling Kosovo a state during the meetings in the Government of the Republic of Serbia -that meeting would be immediately interrupted, and they would be asked to immediately leave the premises of the Government of the Republic of Serbia.“

„But what can you do, unfortunately, I was not present“

The President of Serbia also reacted today.

„Whatever that Kosovo Government means to you, for us – it is the so-called Government of Kosovo,“ he emphasized.

“The representative of the government should have reacted, and if not in any other way, but to tell him: ‘Ambassador, you are not here to correct the press, but to answer the questions,’” he added.

„But what can you do, unfortunately, I was not present,“ explained Vucic.

„Although America is a super power, you have to talk, but we will see how and in which direction it will develop,“ he said.

Vucic also added, with a more conciliatory attitude, that it would still be nice „if his Excellency (Kyle Scott) showed a little more respect for his host country“.

On the comment that the US Ambassador would be „thrown out of the Serbian government building if Vucic was present“, the President replied:

„No one was ever thrown out, we’re good hosts, no one is thrown out on his ear here, but whether Kyle Scott would receive a proper response, decent, moderate, serious and responsible – he would definitely get it. A response that would mean the protection of the interests of the state of Serbia, just as he protects US interests, and I would try to be polite and respect the United States.“

The U.S. Ambassador to Belgrade Kyle Scott said yesterday in Serbian government premises that the Kosovo government is not so-called but that Kosovo is an independent and sovereign country.

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