25 political entities registered for the parliamentary elections in Kosovo

Izbori Sever Sveti Sava
Foto: KoSSev

Twenty five political entities – 20 political parties, 4 coalitions and one independent candidate – registered for the upcoming extraordinary elections in Kosovo scheduled for October 6.

CEC spokesperson, Valmir Elezi told Pristina-based Koha that the candidate lists would be released after the CEC certifies them. He announced that the lists would be reviewed on Saturday and that a final decision would be made by September 10.

However, some parties already announced how many candidates will compete for the seat in the seventh convocation of the Kosovo Assembly, while some of them also shared the names of the candidates.

Three parties and one coalition representing Kosovo Serbs

The largest Kosovo Serb party – Srpska Lista submitted a list of 17 candidates led by former MP Igor Simic.

Srpska Lista candidate list also includes Zoran Mojsilovic, Miljana Nikolic, Slavko Simic, Ivan Todosijevic, Jasmina Dedic, Milos Perovic, Ljubinko Karadzic, Verica Ceranic, Branislav Nikolic, Milan Kostic, Vinka Radosavljevic, Milan Joksimovic, Ksenija Bozovic, Boza Stojanovic, Mirjana Nikolic, and Svetislav Jokic.

The Liberal Independent Party submitted a list of 13 candidates – the party’s chief Slobodan Petrovic confirmed for RTK2.

Kosovo Serb Party led by Aleksandar Jablanovic will once again participate in Kosovo’s parliamentary elections, however, it is not yet known who is the list leader and how many candidates are on the list.

The Kosovo Serb community will also be represented by the „Freedom“ coalition, formally comprised of the Progressive Democratic Party and the New Party of Kosovo, but also featuring representatives of two civic initiatives and independent candidates. So far, this coalition also did not release a list of candidates.

Larger Kosovo parties with over 100 candidates

LDK, PDK and Self-determination parties have the highest number of parliamentary candidates. All three parties have 110 candidates each.

The list of LDK candidates has not been made public yet, however, it was announced that party leader Isa Mustafa, Teuta Rugova Sejdiu and Fatmir Sejdiu would not be on the list.

On the other hand, the leader of the Alternative, Mimoza Kusari-Lila is one of the candidates on the Self-determination candidate list.

A member of the last convocation of the Kosovo Assembly, Flora Brovina will not be included on the PDK’s list of candidates. Brovina recently shocked the public by showing a picture she claimed was evidence of an alleged rape of an Albanian woman by Serb soldiers, but which later turned out to be a scene from a pornographic movie.

As expected, Albin Kurti is the Self-determination list leader, LDK candidates are led by Vjosa Osmani, and the PDK list is headed by its leader Kadri Veseli.

The AAK-Self-determination coalition list also contains 110 candidates, including AAK leader Ramush Haradinaj and PSD leader, Shpend Ahmeti.

The Euro-Atlantic Party of Kosovo, headed by Milaim Zeka, has released the full list of names of its 45 parliamentary candidates.

AAK list includes three people with indictments

Ramush Haradinaj’s AAK nominated several people with indictments for the upcoming elections, Koha reported on Friday.

The former Minister of Infrastructure, Pal Lekaj is charged with participating in tender abuse. The former Minister of Defense, Berisha and Shkumbin Demalijaj were charged in the case of the „false veterans.“ Demalijaj is also charged with threatening prosecutor Elez Blakaj, who was the first to file an indictment in the „false veterans“ case.

A former minister with an indictment among Srpska Lista candidates

The former Minister of Administration and Local Self-Government, Ivan Todosijevic is included on the Srpska Lista candidate list. Todosijevic was indicted by the Kosovo Special Prosecution after calling Albanians „Shiptar terrorists“ and referring to the Racak case as „fabricated“ – Koha reported. Due to this statement, Todosijevic was first dismissed and later accused of „deliberately and publicly spreading hatred, disagreement and intolerance among ethnic, racial and ethnic groups living in Kosovo by abusing his position or powers“ while acting in his capacity as a minister of the Kosovo Government.

According to Srpska Lista chief, Goran Rakic, this party wanted to appoint Milan Radoicic as the list leader in the upcoming elections. Kosovo investigating authorities are seeking Radocic on suspicion of involvement in the murder of Oliver Ivanovic. No charges have been filed against Radoicic however.

Pristina-based Gazeta Express also reported that Branislav Nikolic – another dismissed Srpska Lista official who found himself on the list of candidates and the brother of the current mayor of Strpce – is a „Serbian secret service agent who worked against the KLA“ and recalled that he acted as an adviser to the Kosovo president until he was dismissed earlier this year.

Milaim Zeka also in conflict with the law

Milaim Zeka was arrested almost a year ago for threatening Kosovo Special Prosecutor, Afrim Shefkiu in connection with a case of alleged German work visa fraud that Shefkiu was conducting against him.

Zeka came into the focus of the Serb public at the end of last year, when he said within the premises of the Kosovo Parliament to a Serbian deputy, „You killed 14,000 of us, we killed 1,400 of you, we couldn’t do more, but we would have ground you to dust“.



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