Stefanovic: Serbian Court-issued Arrest Warrants Sent Back to INTERPOL, Haradinaj and Thaci Exception

All arrest warrants issued by Serbian courts have been returned to INTERPOL, except the ones against Haradinaj and Thaci that have remained in the system, but won’t be visible for some time - it was stated today in Belgrade by Serbian Minister of Interior, Nebojsa Stefanovic. This international organization had removed, at the end of February, from its red warrants list former members of the “Kosovo Liberation Army” that Serbia considers responsible for war crimes.

Greek FM tomorrow in Pristina: Trade office of Kosovo will not be a diplomatic...

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias will visit Kosovo on Thursday as part of his Balkans tour.

Kosovo Tax Administration in Zubin Potok: Conducted Raid, Over 4,000,000 €-Worth of False Bills...

Due to the issuance of false bills, Kosovo’s Tax Administration conducted a raid in Zubin Potok in four locations. The amount of the bills exceeded 4,000,000 € - stated Kosovo Tax Administration. The release adds that the raid was conducted by the Department for Tax Investigation and Intelligence, based on a prosecutor’s order, but there is no further information on locations, persons and “entities” in question, as well as whether there were arrests made. 

Kosovo minister of Innovation to be dismissed?

Gazeta Express has learned from its sources that Kosovo minister of Innovation Besim Beqaj will be dismissed for his involvement in the wiretapping scandal known as the “Pronto” affair.

After the message about guns, Thaci with Borisov: Continue the BG-PR dialogue for long-term...

After talking with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic about the upcoming summit in Sofia, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov talked with Thaci. Borisov talked to Thaci on the phone about the summit, the Kosovo President said. 

Borisov with Vucic as he grits his teeth after Thaci, but still sends peace...

“Our friend Bojko told me yesterday, and I didn’t even know he was keeping track of all our statements here, that they see and know all of that in Europe, so there was this statement on guns, Greater Albania, and everything else, so Bojko told me, and he won’t get angry about it – says Bojko – I could see you were gritting your teeth, but what came out was good and it was good that you called for peace. So we will try and send such messages out in the future, and thank you for noticing it”, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic continues in the same peaceful spirit during his visit through the region today. This time, after meeting with the Bulgarian PM, Bojko Borisov. I don’t speak of guns as HashimThaci does, conveyed Vucic yesterday from Mostar regarding Thaci’s statement earlier that “threats from Serbia” would get responded to as “they were 19 years ago” – “with guns”. Regional leaders have gathered in Mostar for the 21st International Economic Fair with Serbia as co-organizer.

Thaci: "We will respond to threats from Serbia with guns"

Kosovo President Hashim Thaci paid tribute to the killed at the Kosare graveyard and participated in the memorial gathering, within the traditional "Days of Eagle" event, in honor of the Kosare Battle.

Mary E. Durham on Visoki Dečani at the beginning of the 20th century: The...

"In a country almost completely sunken in barbarism, it is viewed as something almost wondrous, and is respected with worship."

Patriarchal Pascha Encyclical: Christ is Risen!

Orthodox Christians across the world are today celebrating Orthodox Easter, which this year falls a week after the Catholic and Protestant Easter. All over Kosovo and Metohija worshippers flocked to their local churches and monasteries. Senior Serbian state officials extended their best wishes to the Christian faithful. The Orthodox Church uses the earlier Julian calendar for calculating the dates of festivals such as Easter. The dates on both calendars happen to be the same in some of years, such was the case last year. The Serbian Patriarch Irinej adressed his Pascha Encyclical.

Đurić Before Trip To Kosovo: Priština Is To Create „Tutoring Board“ To Oversee Serbs...

Official Belgrade has gotten hold of an „authentic document” regarding the Association/Community of Serb-majority Municipalities that Priština submitted to the U.S. and EU representatives yesterday morning. According to the document, titled “Working Mechanism for the Association of Serb-majority Municipalities”, Kosovo’s Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj should be in charge of the implementation and creation of the A/CSM. This document is nothing short of making nonsense of previous claims by Kosovo institutions that they would create the A/CSM – says the Office for Kosovo and Metohija Head, Marko Đurić. He showed and read out the document to a press conference in Belgrade, just before his first trip to Kosovo after his arrest in Kosovska Mitrovica, which he claimed was submitted by the Kosovo Government, adding that instead of the creation of the A/CSM, Priština wanted to annul the collective political rights of Serbs in Kosovo. “Serbs will not accept it”, Đurić conveyed. 

Dačić claims: Pristina Would Accept Partition If It Weren’t For Its Mentors

"If we would have spoken openly on Kosovo’s partition, without its mentors, Pristina would start with its own interests and accept the proposal”, claims Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić. Still, powers that be think there would be a massive relocation of population when partition and delineation are mentioned, since they don’t take into account that the ethnic situation on the ground has been in accordance with the actual proposition for partition, he says, adding that the proposal for Kosovo partition is not being even being considered, since they believe that the issue of Kosovo was closed in 2008 with recognition of independence.

Kosovo: Indictment against 11 politicians and officials, current minister accused

The Special Prosecutor's Office of Kosovo issued an indictment against eleven officials and politicians. Among the accused are the current Kosovo Minister, former deputies, deputy ministers, secretary-generals, advisers, a former president of the SO Prizren, and several board directors in public companies, the Kosovo Prosecutor's Office said in a statement. The subject is called "Pronto", which is the name fora series of texts and audio recordings of telephone conversations of top Kosovo officials that were published by the Insideri news web portal under" The Dossier of Bosses" in 2016. In an eavesdropped conversation, one of the leaders of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, Adem Grabovci, was arranging the recruitment of suitable persons, the election of presidents and board members in public companies and independent agencies, together with his political counterparts, including the Kosovo President, Hashim Thaci, whom he referred to as "the boss".

Marko Djuric in Kosovo's North: With Believers in Banjska Monastery for Easter

Head of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija Marko Ðurić is to attend the midnight Easter liturgy tomorrow, April 7, in Banjska Monastery in the north of Kosovo, reads one-sentence press announcement of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija Head Marko Đurić’s visit to Kosovo. Kosovo media reported that this time his visit was approved.

Trajkovic: Brussels' negotiating position weakens, Erdogan on the scene, it is not good for...

Brussels is increasingly losing its influence as a mediator in negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina, and other figures have appeared on the scene, such as Turkish President Rexhep Tayyip Erdogan. "A personal friendship between Hashim Thaci and Erdogan is a reality. Among Albanian leaders and politicians very often it is rumoured that once communication between Thaci and Belgrade is not good, the main man who is trying to mediate is Erdogan," said Serbian politician from Kosovo Rada Trajkovic in "Dan uživo" talk show on N1 TV. She points out that the inappropriate arrest of Djuric was connected with the arrest of six Gülenists, and that the events in Kosovska Mitrovica were completely overshadowed by the arrest of these Fetullah Gulen's supporters.

US diplomat Matthew Palmer to visit Kosovo

Director for South Central European Affairs at the US Department of State, Matthew Palmer, is expected to visit Kosovo today. Palmer will stop in Pristina after visiting Belgrade on Thursday.

Kocijančič on ASM: The drafting process for the Statute will take place within a...

The drafting process for the Statute has started and will take place within a four-month time frame.

Political Agreement with Serbia This Year, says Thaci

“I am convinced that the time has come for a broad political and historical agreement between Kosovo and Serbia,”
kancelarija za kim

Office for KiM on Pristina's initiative for Association: We are suspicious and cautious

We have every reason to doubt the sincerity with which Pristina, after years of delay, enters into the process of drafting the Statute of the Association of Serb-majority Municipalities (ASM) - the first reaction of Belgrade officials - the Office for Kosovo and Metohija - reads after the Kosovo authorities stated they had “reactivated” a Management Team for the drafting of the Statute. Serbs do not need a ASM that would serve as an empty shell with a non-governmental organization mandate, but a “powerful and strong” ASM, with a mandate agreed on in Brussels, which would protect Serbian people - stated the Office for KiM. They exclude any possibility of “selective implementation”, or annulment or amendments to the agreement.    

New Trepca Supervisory Board Members Appointed; Open Competition for Serbs in Coming Weeks

At yesterday’s session, the Kosovo Government appointed members of Trepca’s Supervisory Board, the Kosovo PM’s Office announced. However, Koha daily writes not all members have been appointed, only 6 out of 9 in total. Three slots remain free for the Serb community and an open competition is to be launched “in a few weeks’ time”, the same Pristina-based portal reports.

Eichhorst in Pristina: Kosovo to implement the agreement on the Association without any further...

Kosovo should implement the agreement on the Association/Community of Serb majority municipalities without any further delay. We will now invite the Chief Negotiators from Belgrade and Pristina, their teams, as well as the Management Team and technical experts, for discussions in Brussels, and to engage constructively and in good faith in the drafting process of the Statute - said the Director for Western Europe, the Western Balkans and Turkey, and Deputy Managing Director in the European External Action Service (EEAS), Angelina Eichhorst, after the decision of the Kosovo authorities to „reactivate“ the Managerial Team for drafting the Asociation Statute. Eichorst was on a two-day unexpected visit to Pristina to „address recent developments“ and „urgent next steps“ - EU Office in Kosovo announced today. She talked to Kosovan political leaders, from both ruling and opposition parties, societal and security representatives.

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