Kosovo President’s advisor: Association after signing of final agreement with Serbia

Blerim Shala, political advisor to President Hashim Thaci says the Association of Serb-majority Municipalities will not be formed before signing of the final agreement between Kosovo and Serbia.

Tusk visiting Western Balkans: EU is and will continue to be the most reliable...

President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, from today until 27th April is visiting the Western Balkans. The reason for the visit are the preparations for the EU-Western Balkans summit that will be held on May 17 in Sofia and his participation in the Brdo-Brijuni Summit in Skopje, it is confirmed by a press release from the EU. During his several-day visit, he will stay in Belgrade and Pristina also.

Haradinaj delivers "Golden Map of Kosovo" to Natasa Kandic

Prime Minister of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj met today in Pristina with activist for the protection of human rights and founder of the Humanitarian Law Center based in Belgrade, Natasa Kandic. For her great contribution, Haradinaj gave to Mrs Kandic a “Golden Map of Kosovo”, Haradinaj's office reported. 

Kosovo Speaker of Parliament calls political leaders to unite

Veseli through an open letter sent to Kosovo political leaders called on building of a national consensus to deal with five challenges that as he said Kosovo is facing today. According to Veseli Kosovo leaders must unite to address the dialogue with Serbia, establishment of the Association of Serb-majority Municipalities, establishment of Kosovo Army, EU integration agenda, and election reform. 

Human remains found in Gjakovica may belong to Kosovo Serbs killed during the war

Human remains of at least three people discovered in a targeted alleged mass grave near Gjakovica/Gjakova, may belong to Kosovo Serbs who were killed during the war, Kosovo TV channel KTV has learned.

North Mitrovica: Another car was set on fire

A vehicle with Belgrade registration plates was set on fire last night in North Mitrovica. The case was confirmed at the Kosovo Police North region for KoSSev.

U.S. Department of State: Kosovo facing corruption, interference in judiciary

The U.S. Department of State says that the most significant human rights issues in Kosovo during 2017 included assaults on journalists; violence against displaced persons; endemic government corruption; lack of judicial independence, including failures of due process and selective implementation of decisions; and violence against members of ethnic minorities and members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) community.

Djuric in North Mitrovica Announces Additional Package of Assistance For Serbs. Albanian Youngster Attacked...

An additional package of assistance for Serbs was approved yesterday at the Serbian Government session. It includes housing and development of agriculture, this is what the Office for Kosovo and Metohija Head, Marko Djuric conveyed in Bosniac Mahala in North Mitrovica in front of a newly-constructed apartment building. Instead of an independent declaration of the creation of the CSM, the likelihood of which was clearly announced three weeks ago, the Srpska List today stood next to the Serbian Government officials and listened to the announcement of concrete assistance for “existence and survival”. A big business forum is to be held in mid-May in North Mitrovica, where the most important Serbia-based businesses are to “bring jobs” along with state financial assistance, to ease the everyday lives of Serbian people, as Djuric explained.

Godot, The Serbian Way: We’ve Waited For 5 Years, We’ll Wait For Three And...

"If we have waited for these five years, we will wait for another three and a half months. We will wait for these three and a half months and we say that on the fifth anniversary”

Kosovo moves to establish Army through amending current law on the KSF

Kosovo Government is planning to establish the Army through changes in law that would broaden the responsibilities of the existing Kosovo Security Force (KSF) as one of the modalities to bypass a Serb veto. The KSF Ministry pledges that by 30 April they will proceed the Draft Law on Army to the Government.

Vucic: We will wait for three and a half months for the CSM but...

"Serbia will wait for three and a half months for the CSM, but I'm telling you now - we will not wait to see it happen" - said Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic

Apostolova: The Ibar River Bridge is the Top Priority in the North

The Head of the EU Office in Kosovo and the EU Special Representative in Prishtina, Nataliya Apostolova, addressed journalists and representatives from the diplomatic community following the official publication of the Enlargement Package in Strasbourg by EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini and Commissioner for EU Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Johannes Hahn, which includes seven individual reports for Western Balkan partners and Turkey.

Mogherini: Prishtina Waited Too Long

During the presentation of the annual progress report in Strasbourg today, EU High Commissioner for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini said that the process of drafting the statute of the Association of Serbian Municipalities has been unnecessarily delayed, but that she welcomes the recent steps taken by the Kosovo government recently. 

Merkel commends Kosovo for constructive dialogue with Serbia in phone call with Thaci

German Chancellor Angela Merkel had a telephone conversation on Tuesday with Kosovo President Hashim Thaci. According to Thaci’s office the main topic of conversation was strengthening of mutual relations between the two countries and necessity to continue the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia on normalisation of relations.

Dikovic and Cuocci at Nis Airport, "Silver Saber" Military Exercise Starts in Kosovo 

The Serbian Army HQ Chief, General Ljubisa Dikovic and KFOR Commander, Lieutenant General Salvatore Cuocci met on Monday at Nis Airport to discuss cooperation, the security situation in Kosovo and the administrative boundary line with Serbia, stated the Serbian Defense Ministry.

Haradinaj in "Ćirilica": I personally asked Đurić through all channels to wait for the...

Marko Djuric was banned from entering Kosovo until the next day and we didn’t think he was due in Kosovo. I even personally asked him through all the channels - to wait until tomorrow when the entry ban expires. Had he just waited a day longer, everything would of been fine. It was an awkward set of circumstances and I have to say that even Serbia has made a mistake. It was "a strange situation" and "nobody felt good about it" - Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj said, commenting on Djuric's arrest on March 26. He talked in a interview for Belgrade TV Station HAPPY, on the TV Show "Ćirilica", with journalist Milomir Maric.

US official: Kosovo solution only through dialogue

The US expects Belgrade and Pristina to continue talks despite problems and hopes for normalisation of the relations by the end of the year
Three Months Since The Killing of Oliver Ivanovic: Who Did It and Who Gave The Order?

Three Months Since The Killing of Oliver Ivanovic: Who Did It and Who Gave...

Two investigations, mutual finger pointing - current public results. Ivanovic’s murder was topped by other topics ‘of national interest’ on both sides. 

North Mitrovica, Pristina, Gracanica, Nis, Krusevac… Graffiti with the image of Oliver Ivanovic appeared

Graffiti with the image of Oliver Ivanovic appeared this morning in Kosovska Mitrovica, Pristina and Gracanica, but also in Serbian cities such as Nis and Krusevac. The print reflects one of the most recognizable photos of Ivanovic from the courtroom during the trial against him. Today it is three months since Ivanovic's murder. The assassinator and the person who ordered his death remain unknown. The party announced the signing of a public petition for the naming of either the pedestrian zone in Kosovska Mitrovica, or Sutjeska Street where Ivanovic was killed - after him.

Kozarev and Djuric on BETA report from Brussels: Spinning, false and threatening tones

Marko Djuric did not respect the "obligatory procedure" when he entered North Kosovo on March 26, after which he was also arrested. He sent a request to the authorities in Pristina after 5 pm on Friday, which after office hours. Also the list of people accompanying him was incomplete and for Kosovo Albanians this meant that the procedure was not respected. Such information was delivered to the BETA news agency who quoted unnamed officials at NATO headquarters in Brussels.


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