Eichhorst in Pristina: Kosovo to implement the agreement on the Association without any further...

Kosovo should implement the agreement on the Association/Community of Serb majority municipalities without any further delay. We will now invite the Chief Negotiators from Belgrade and Pristina, their teams, as well as the Management Team and technical experts, for discussions in Brussels, and to engage constructively and in good faith in the drafting process of the Statute - said the Director for Western Europe, the Western Balkans and Turkey, and Deputy Managing Director in the European External Action Service (EEAS), Angelina Eichhorst, after the decision of the Kosovo authorities to „reactivate“ the Managerial Team for drafting the Asociation Statute. Eichorst was on a two-day unexpected visit to Pristina to „address recent developments“ and „urgent next steps“ - EU Office in Kosovo announced today. She talked to Kosovan political leaders, from both ruling and opposition parties, societal and security representatives.

KoSSev launches English news section

KoSSev readers can now listen to three local radio stations in Serbian - Radio Contact Plus and Radio Kosovska Mitrovica from North Kosovo, and Kim Radio from Caglavica. The programs of these three radio streams are on our website 24 hour a day.

Delawie: We want to ensure that Serbs can see their future in Kosovo

I want to say how important it is to my country, my Embassy, that Kosovo Serbs feel at home in Kosovo. We spend a lot of time and effort trying to improve the lives of regular people and we know their challenges. We are going to keep working on challenges like implementation of the language law, justice integration, supporting the rule of law sector, diploma recognition and certainly the minority employment issue. We want to ensure that Kosovo Serbs can see their future in Kosovo. We are going to do our best to help them overcome the challenges so that everybody that wants to live here can feel at home, said U.S. Ambassador Greg Delawie during his visit paid to North Mitrovica.
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