18 months after the murder, the only indisputable fact is that Ivanovic was killed by a firearm

The murder of the GI SDP leader, Oliver Ivanovic has not been solved even a year and a half later. All the while, Belgrade and Pristina are accusing and blaming each other. The fact is that the only undisputed information is that Oliver Ivanovic was killed by a firearm shows the thoroughness of the investigation and the amount of information available to the public. The perpetrators and instigators of this murder remain unknown while the competent authorities make no mention of the motive behind the assassination.

The GI SDP party once again urged the authorities in Belgrade and Pristina to find and prosecute the murderer. This party demanded that international representatives in Kosovo, in line with their mandates, exert pressure on competent institutions to establish the rule of law and ensure security and safety of all citizens.

„This month was also marked by political bickering by Pristina and Belgrade governments, where Pristina claims it has issued an international arrest warrant for suspects, while the institutions in Belgrade are also accusing certain individuals without any clear evidence and explanations,“ the GI SDP wrote in a statement.

They also recalled that a meeting of security structures was held in Belgrade and that no details from the meeting regarding the murder of Oliver Ivanovic are available to the public.

Ivanovic’s sister, Natasa Ivanovic Ilic posted a conversation she had with her brother before the murder on her Facebook profile last night, recalling that she warned Ivanovic that “they would kill” him.

Тhe perpetrators and instigators of this murder remain unknown and nobody is talking about the motive. Separate investigations are leading to completely different conclusions. On the one hand, Pristina issued an international search for Milan Radoicic for organizing the group which murdered Ivanovic and suspects that five other people are involved, including, as it was recently revealed – Zvonko Veselinovic. Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, on the other hand, claims that Radoicic is not guilty and that the Serbian authorities believe they know the name of the murderer, but that they do not have material evidence.

Vucic recently posed a series of questions to the international community regarding the murder of Oliver Ivanovic. The Serbian President also mentioned two names – Florim Ejupi and Nexhmedin Zekaj, who – in his words – changed his name to Liraj Zekaj in the meantime, claiming that they were involved in this case. He said that he asked what they were doing in Tirana and Pristina and that he did not receive an answer.

Kosovo Special Prosecutor, Syle Hoxha told Pristina-based Koha on July 1st that the Pristina Basic Court issued an international arrest warrant for Radoicic. It remains unknown, however, whether Kosovo forwarded the warrant request to INTERPOL.

Taking into account that UNMIK communication with the Kosovo authorities and this police organization, through which Kosovo sends such requests to INTERPOL, is confidential, KoSSev contacted INTERPOL to find out whether they received a request to issue a warrant.

„If or when information is shared with the General Secretariat of Lyon concerning investigations and individuals, it remains in the possession of that country. Therefore, INTERPOL does not comment on specific cases or individuals, except in special circumstances. We advise you to contact the relevant national authorities regarding your question,“ INTERPOL stated in a written reply to KoSSev.

KoSSev also contacted the Pristina Basic Court spokesperson Mirlinda Gashi to confirm whether the Basic Court in Pristina issued an international order for the arrest of Radoicic and whether the warrant request was forwarded to INTERPOL. Several e-mails later, we received only an official confirmation that this court had issued an international warrant for Radoicic. Gashi failed to provide a full answer to the question, despite the numerous e-mails we sent.

The leader of the Civic Initiative „Freedom, Democracy, Justice“ was assassinated in front of his party offices on January 16th of last year, three months after the local elections during which he was, both politically and in the media, accused of being a traitor and destroyer of Serb unity. The incident which preceded his murder – before the elections –the torching of his car, as well as the car of his pre-election coalition partner in the municipality of Zvecan – Dragisa Milovic.

Oliver Ivanovic was buried in the Alley of Citizens of Merits in Belgrade, while there were no commemoration sessions held in North Mitrovica or any other northern municipalities.

The names of seven persons suspected of involvement in the case are known so far, including members of the Kosovo Police, as well as a Vice-President of Srpska Lista. Two people have been in custody since the end of November, one has been released, Srpska Lista official avoided arrest, and in the meantime, the investigation has been extended to two more people. In addition to well-known suspects, the contributors of the negative media campaign led against Ivanovic, which preceded Kosovo’s local elections in autumn 2017, are under investigation by the Kosovo judicial authorities.

Both the Serbian and Kosovo president announced concrete information about the progress in the investigation into the murder on several occasions, however, no concrete information arrived so far.

Both Kosovo and Serbian prosecutors are investigating Ivanovic’s murder. No indictments were issued so far however. Furthermore, the prosecutors are accusing each other of lack of cooperation.

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