Journalists protest in Gracanica and Pristina: Threats, attacks and impunity must stop

Četvrtak 03. maj 2018, 20:15

Media Freedom Day in Kosovo was marked with protests in Gracanica and Pristina.


North Mitrovica: 19 years since the bombing of the city's police station

Sreda 02. maj 2018, 14:40

It is exactly 19 years since the bombing of the city's police station in North Mitrovica. Milomir Aksentijevic, a police officer, Nenad Vitkovic, the head of the department for administrative affairs and civilian Hasibe Mesahrani, who lived in a nearby building, were killed, while over 10 police officers and 25 civilians, suffered from serious or light injuries. Their family members, colleagues, war veteran associations rallied this morning at 8:45 am - the bombing time, to lay wreaths and light candles. They do it for every anniversary, while also requesting responsibility and pose the question: "Why?"


Kosovo Karate artists ready for European Championship in Novi Sad: Will the cases of "handball" and "judo" be repeated?

Sreda 02. maj 2018, 11:38

The European Karate Championship will be held next week in Novi Sad. Participants from the Kosovo Karate Federation should also participate. They are ready for this competition, says their federation. "We travel to Novi Sad with 13 competitors, while the entire delegation will comprise of 30 people," said the General Secretary of the Karate Federation of Kosovo Nazmi Gasi to RTK. There have been, however, the cases of "handball" and "judo" - where no matches between these sporting rivals took place. And Belgrade is still without a strategy for such cases.


Stefanovic on Serb KSF members, murder of Ivanovic

Sreda 02. maj 2018, 08:00

"Anyone who our security services assesses to be able to have certain knowledge or to participate in the demolition of our constitutional order, security conditions, is called for an interview, that person has not been arrested, none of them have been arrested," said Stefanovic. He talked to Gojgic, on RTV's latest show "The Right Angle", revealing that the Serbian information agency has called on people for an informative interrogation.


Management team at the first meeting with legal experts: For the drafting of the Statute assistance from municipalities from the North and the Faculty of Law

Ponedeljak 30. april 2018, 19:51

Almost a month after official Pristina “reactivated” the Management Team for the drafting of the Community of Serb Municipalities statute, this team has held today “its first meeting with legal experts in local self-government”. These experts were “delegated” by the four northern municipalities and the Faculty of Law in Kosovska Mitrovica. “At the meeting it has been agreed for the municipalities, as well as the Faculty of Law to engage their legal experts in order to provide expertise in assisting the drafting of the CSM Statute”; “in accordance with the scope and mandate, the Management Team will further consult OSCE representatives, as well as the institutions at the authorized levels in Pristina”, the Team Coordinator, Vinka Radosavljevic stated. There is currently no further information on who the “delegated legal experts” are. 


Belgrade intends to investigate the consequences of the NATO bombing, intends to include Kosovo

Ponedeljak 30. april 2018, 11:37

Serbia’s Environment Minister Goran Trivan announced that a coordination body and a national laboratory for scientific research of the NATO bombing campaign aftermath will be created in the next few months.


Ministers instructed to talk with foreigners about Kosovo

Nedelja 29. april 2018, 13:31

Serbian ministers were instructed to focus on the Kosovo problem every time they speak to their foreign counterparts, especially with those representing countries that are believed to be willing to withdraw their recognition of Kosovo, according to Vecernje Novosti.


A Serb member of the Kosovo Security Force arrested by Serbian authorities and released

Subota 28. april 2018, 19:38

A Serb member of the Kosovo Security Forces who was arrested yesterday by the Serbian authorities in Konculj - was released, Kosovo Minister of Kosovo Security Forces, Rustem Berisha, confirmed to Kosovo media. Berisa confirmed that this is the third case that happened in the past few days.


Nehat Thaci is new Director of Kosovo Correctional Service

Petak 27. april 2018, 13:16

Nehat Thaci has been appointed as new director of the Kosovo Correctional Service, succeeding Sokol Zogaj who ended his mandate.


Now is chance for Kosovo deal, says Serbian president – but at what cost?

Petak 27. april 2018, 09:42

In an interview with the Guardian in Belgrade this week, Vučić said he believed there is now a brief window of “six months or a year” in which it might be possible to sign a deal. “We are ready to discuss every single issue, we are ready to take into consideration every single proposal that would mean a compromise solution,” he said, provided Serbia is offered something in return.


Zubin Potok: Suspended Police officer's private car torched

Četvrtak 26. april 2018, 10:01

A BMW vehicle, privately owned by a suspended member of the Kosovo Police, M.V., from Zubin Potok, was burnt an hour and a half after midnight. The vehicle was parked in front of police officers' family house in his municipality.


Trajkovic in an open letter to the German ambassador: Drastic eclipse of political atmosphere in Serbia

Sreda 25. april 2018, 10:09

"I am afraid that Mr. Vucic misinterpreted the messages received from the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and that her words of encouragement for the European path of Serbia were understood as a self-proclaimed approval for himself and his autocratic rule."


BIRN: KoSSev Editor on torched cars in North Mitrovica

Utorak 24. april 2018, 15:20

On the list of burned cars, which the policemen of KP are leading, sends a message to the public - if policemen are not safe, what is left for ordinary citizens. The authority of the police force here is totally disrupted. we need to have a system that is just and professional at the same time. Citizens are now left on their own, to manage their life in accordance with their capabilities, capacity and personal character. I believe still that the majority of those people in KP are honest and good professionals.


Djuric: Serbs not to join the so-called Kosovo Army. Unlawful and punishable activity with up to 10 years of imprisonment

Utorak 24. april 2018, 14:58

According to our criminal legislation, entering an illegal formation of an armed formation is unlawful and punishable with up to 10 years of imprisonment," said this morning the director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija, Marko Djuric. Serbs are called "not to join the so-called Kosovo Army".


Kosovo President’s advisor: Association after signing of final agreement with Serbia

Utorak 24. april 2018, 14:03

Blerim Shala, political advisor to President Hashim Thaci says the Association of Serb-majority Municipalities will not be formed before signing of the final agreement between Kosovo and Serbia.


Tusk visiting Western Balkans: EU is and will continue to be the most reliable partner for the entire region

Utorak 24. april 2018, 10:40

President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, from today until 27th April is visiting the Western Balkans. The reason for the visit are the preparations for the EU-Western Balkans summit that will be held on May 17 in Sofia and his participation in the Brdo-Brijuni Summit in Skopje, it is confirmed by a press release from the EU. During his several-day visit, he will stay in Belgrade and Pristina also.


Haradinaj delivers "Golden Map of Kosovo" to Natasa Kandic

Ponedeljak 23. april 2018, 21:10

Prime Minister of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj met today in Pristina with activist for the protection of human rights and founder of the Humanitarian Law Center based in Belgrade, Natasa Kandic. For her great contribution, Haradinaj gave to Mrs Kandic a “Golden Map of Kosovo”, Haradinaj's office reported. 


Kosovo Speaker of Parliament calls political leaders to unite

Ponedeljak 23. april 2018, 19:13

Veseli through an open letter sent to Kosovo political leaders called on building of a national consensus to deal with five challenges that as he said Kosovo is facing today. According to Veseli Kosovo leaders must unite to address the dialogue with Serbia, establishment of the Association of Serb-majority Municipalities, establishment of Kosovo Army, EU integration agenda, and election reform. 


Human remains found in Gjakovica may belong to Kosovo Serbs killed during the war

Ponedeljak 23. april 2018, 10:25

Human remains of at least three people discovered in a targeted alleged mass grave near Gjakovica/Gjakova, may belong to Kosovo Serbs who were killed during the war, Kosovo TV channel KTV has learned.

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