Express: Western Powers Discuss In Washington Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue

Četvrtak 10. maj 2018, 16:00

Gazeta Express has learned that Western powers including the U.S., Great Britain, France, Italy, and Germany, have convened in Washington to discuss modalities of the final phase of Kosovo-Serbia dialogue.


Kosovan MPs denied welcome to Belgrade

Četvrtak 10. maj 2018, 15:04

Due to a very serious administrative failure you received an invitation to participate in the international parliamentary conference "Through the Idea for the EU towards Peace and Development", which will be held in Belgrade from May 11 to 12. Bearing this in mind, we inform you that you are not invited to participate in the above mentioned event and that your registration is not valid "- says in a letter signed by Srdjan Smiljanic, Secretary General of the Assembly of Serbia, addressed to Kosovan MPs - Vjosa Osmani-Sadriu, Berti Deliu-Kodra and Ilir Deda. It was the latter who revealed the letter on his Facebook account.  Belgrade-based Danas daily reported the cancellation of hospitality to Kosovan MPs in Belgrade at Vojislav Seselj's "intervention".


Merkel after meeting Thaci: Kosovo to fight corruption, reduce unemployment

Četvrtak 10. maj 2018, 12:19

German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged Kosovo authorities to fight corruption and reduce unemployment, and added that the dialogue with Serbia is not a simple topic.


Kosovo Karatists are not participating in the EC in Novi Sad: "Symbols of the false state", "Southern Province", "Sport in the second plan"

Sreda 09. maj 2018, 19:00

Karate artists of the Karate Federation of Kosovo will not participate in the European Championship, which is being held in Novi Sad from today


The Day of Victory in North Mitrovica: Russian flags and Putin posters

Sreda 09. maj 2018, 18:52

Today is the Day of Europe which is celebrated as the Day of Victory over Fascism in memory of the end of the Second World War in 1945. On the streets of Moscow - Serbian President  Aleksandar Vucic participated together with Russian President Putin for the walk of the immortal regiment. On the streets of Kosovska Mitrovica the Russian flags are waving and posters of Putin are placed around the city.


Apostolova on the Day of Victory: The European Union is based on a great idea

Sreda 09. maj 2018, 16:06

Today is The Day of Europe which is celebrated as the Day of Victory over Fascism in memory of the end of the Second World War in 1945. The European Union was created five years later through its forerunner of the Euro-Economic Community. The two enemies during war  - France and Germany established the organization to jointly manage their coal and steel industries and with the idea that the war in Europe would never be repeated. Almost seven decades later, the EU itself, but also the region, are disturbed by numerous crises, including the rise of violence, xenophobia and nationalism. The Head of the EU Office in Pristina, Nataliya Apostolova answered questions about how she sees European values in this area. The interview was conducted in written form.


Assassination of Ivanovic is four months old with no investigation result: "Fog" and "satellite footage"

Sreda 09. maj 2018, 10:43

Almost four months have passed since the murder of Oliver Ivanovic. The killers and those who ordered it still remain unknown; also, to which direction the investigation is moving remains as such. There are no suspects, nor a court process initiated against anyone. But there is something else instead - mutual accusations between Belgrade and Pristina, both claiming that it is the other side that is not cooperating in the ongoing investigation. In the series of issues, additional ones have been set on the agenda. This the story of the alleged satellite footage from the crime scene, claimed by Belgrade to exist, was re-newed. "We did not get the footage" - said the President of Serbia to Belgrade's Kurir paper, accusing Pristina of obstructing the investigation. "I have the same information as disclosed by President Aleksandar Vucic, allegedly, the satellite image does not exist, due to the fog on the day of murder" - said on Tuesday Oliver Ivanović's wife Milena to the same paper,  supporting, thus, the Serbian president's statement carried the day before.


Thaci in Berlin, Tomorrow with Merkel: Germany's Role Crucial in the EU Perspective and Dialogue with Serbia

Utorak 08. maj 2018, 18:25

Support for "strengthening the international subjectivity of Kosovo", "dynamizing the European perspective" and "the last phase of the dialogue on the normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia" - will be demanded by Kosovo President Hashim Thaçi from the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, it was reported today from his cabinet.


OSCE on banning Red Star: Respective football federations to find a modality for the planned match to take place

Utorak 08. maj 2018, 10:25

The OSCE Mission in Kosovo in a press release stated that they are concerned to learn that a humanitarian match between FC Red Star Belgrade and FC Gracanica has been disallowed by the Kosovo Football Federation. "The OSCE Mission in Kosovo urges the respective football federations to re-engage in dialogue and find a modality for the planned match to take place, given its humanitarian character and relevance for the local community" - it is stated in the press release also.


US Prosecutor Jack Smith Appointed Specialist Prosecutor

Utorak 08. maj 2018, 09:16

Jack Smith, a US prosecutor, has been appointed Specialist Prosecutor. He will be succeeding David Schwendiman, the first Specialist Prosecutor and formerly Lead Prosecutor of the Special Investigative Task Force, who stepped down at the end of March when his term as a US Foreign Service Officer expired. The selection process was organised by the European Union.


Djuric: The State has to react to death threats to the President of Serbia

Ponedeljak 07. maj 2018, 20:52

In the article ‘Is there a second solution for Vucic other than a bullet?!’, as a lawyer, I am absolutely certain that there are elements of a serious criminal offense, and I expect from the state to confirm its democratic and legal capacity by protecting society from this type of abominable attack and punish the author in accordance with the law " - said Marko Djuric, the director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija of the Government of Serbia.


Vucic hopes for legally binding agreement with Kosovo be in place within 6 month to a year

Ponedeljak 07. maj 2018, 17:40

"If  you think that I am ready tomorrow to tell them: 'Here's your independent Kosovo for nothing, then I'm not ready"..."And then - here's the independent Kosovo for something?"... "Well, let's see what's at stake, let's see how much it is and see it territorially and in terms of everything else," this is what the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic said.


After banning Red Star to play in Gracanica Popovic sent a protest letter to ambassadors: This is discrimination and politically motivated decision of FFK

Ponedeljak 07. maj 2018, 10:55

The Mayor of Gračanica, Srdjan Popovic, sent an open letter to the embassies in Pristina, the OSCE and UEFA after the Football Federation of Kosovo had banned Red Star to play a friendly charity match in Gracanica on Wednesday.


FFK banned Red Star to play a match in Gracanica: Vokri, Popovic and Stojanovic have differing views on what fans were shouting

Ponedeljak 07. maj 2018, 10:15

The friendly humanitarian match between Red Star and local club Gračanica, after taking place two years in a row seems to be unlikely to be played a third time this May. The president of the Football Association of Kosovo, Fadil Vokri, confirmed for the Pristina based Koha Ditore that the Football Association of Kosovo had not given permission to Red Star to play in Gracanica this week. The reason - "racist insults" and "anti-Kosovan messages". In no instance were there racist, or political chanting," said the mayor of Gračanica, on the other side.


Mayor Rakic to Gorani people on St. George's Day: In guarding yourselves, you are protecting Serbia in the South of our province

Nedelja 06. maj 2018, 17:28

"I celebrate Djurdjevdan with you wishing you to enjoy it in good health and joy for the good and that each year there are more and more of you in this region. Throughout the centuries, the Serbs and the Goranis shared good and bad, so an unbreakable bond between us, which both nations can be proud of, has been created. Thank you for guarding yourself, you are protecting Serbia in the south of our province," Kosovo Mayor of North Mitrovica Goran Rakic addressed from Gora, while celebrating Djurdjevdan with the Gorani people (St. George Day).


Gojković proposed the launch of a commission on the NATO bombing, opposition criticise, NATO deny health casualties by depleted uranium

Subota 05. maj 2018, 19:48

After revealing that Belgrade intends to launch a coordinating body and a national scientific laboratory to review possible consequences of the NATO bombing, Serbian Parliamentary Speaker Maja Gojkovic announced that she started parliamentary procedure to establish a commission to investigate consequences of NATO bombing against health of citizens and the impact on the environment. The focus of the commission will be on the consequences caused by the use of depleted uranium missiles. Gojkovic suggested an urgent decision to launch this coordination committee, hoping for an unanimous adoption during the next Parliament session.


Germany has not invested much in Kosovo because of corruption, says PM Haradinaj

Subota 05. maj 2018, 12:30

Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj marking tenth anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Kosovo and Germany, says there are no major German investors in Kosovo because of the perception on corruption making foreign investments difficult.


Is Smith the new Prosecutor in the Special Prosecutor's Office? Kocijancic: The Appointment Procedure is in Progress

Petak 04. maj 2018, 18:37

The procedure for appointing a new Special Prosecutor of the Specialized Council and the Office of the Special Prosecutor is still in progress, European Commission spokeswoman Maja Kocijancic told Tanjug.


Vucic: Decisive period ahead of us - a fight between the ropes with bandaids, arms and legs in casts - against the toughest fighters

Petak 04. maj 2018, 16:37

"There is a decisive and difficult period for our country, citizens and people ahead of us in the next few months", conveyed Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic today.

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